Cultural Association Folklorical Ballet Mexico Lindo of Alberta

Mailing Address: 723-88 St. Edmonton, AB T6X 1E1 - Tel: 587-990-3190 - Email:
Classes at 8424 95 Avenue, St. Luke’s Anglican Church Building

Mexico Lindo
Who We Are
The Cultural Association Folklorical Ballet Mexico Lindo of Alberta founded in 2009 and officially registered in the Province of Alberta on August 2011 as an independent ballet from the Mexican Cultural Association of Edmonton, which has been an active non-for-profit organization since 1987. The Ballet Mexico Lindo has been providing Folklore Dance classes free of charge and performing at different cultural events in Edmonton. Our most recent collaborations include dance classes and exchange of traditional Latino American dance outfits through our President Gabriela Zumarraga Ortiz with the Gabriela Mistral Latin American School, Latin Chamber of Commerce Edmonton, Green Shoppers Edmonton at West Edmonton Mall and Bonnie Dunn Mall, Latin Festival 2011, among others.

The Ballet Mexico Lindo of Alberta has been involved with volunteer work in promoting the Mexican culture and doing performances mainly to the Greater Edmonton Senior Foundation, as well as other retirement homes in the city, all of our performances are free of charge and we solely accept donations that go towards our costumes and props. We are in urgent need of purchasing more costumes due to the growing in age students (some of them started from when they were 3 and half years old to 15), and for the new dance members. Initially we were financed by the Dance Teacher and President of the Ballet Mexico Lindo, but our family has grown from 6 to 20 dancers!

We need your help!! Please help us continue with our mission!

The yearly membership fee will be due every September of each year.

In addition to the membership fee, the Association will request a donation directly to the Church St Luke’s Anglican Church in the minimum amount of $50.00 (or more depending of your selection) and the church will be giving directly to each donor a tax deductible receipt.

Each student is responsible of purchasing his/her own folklore shoes. The shoes will not be given by the association due to the nature of this item, each dancer has a special way of stepping and walking and shoes can be affected by them. If among students it is decided to purchase used shoes, you can but under each dancer’s own responsibility.

Each student must fill their registration form and submitted not later than October 15 in order to be eligible for their membership cards.


We solely accept donations that go towards our costumes and props

Individual $50.00
Family $75.00

ëThe Association will provide to each dancer their costumes for their performances.

It is the responsibility of each dancer to keep their costumes clean, pressed, and protected.

A deposit might be required at the time of signing.